Recognizing Human Rights this National Seafood Month

  October is National Seafood Month, and while we’ve taken some time to enjoy all the delicious offerings our oceans provide, it’s also important to think about the fishermen and women, some thousands of miles [...]

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North Atlantic, Inc. Joins Ocean Disclosure Project

NAI becomes first U.S. supplier to join global platform for seafood industry transparency   Portland, Maine (10/25/17) — Seafood supplier North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI) has officially joined the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP), a platform created [...]

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Indonesia: A Hotspot of Fisheries Investment

                        Indonesia is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, and with almost 34,000 miles of coastline, its rich seas provide the [...]

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A Deeper Dive Into FIPs

Readers may remember an older blog that gave an overview of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) where we mentioned the two FIP types: basic and comprehensive. In this post, we aim to dissect each type further, [...]

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Where is the Leadership?

            As the world struggles generally to establish stability under “new normal” circumstances, it is not hard to see that leadership is critical to the process. In our own industry, [...]

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MSC Certified New England Groundfish makes a resurgence – Now how do we rebuild the market for it?

In the late 1980’s the Groundfish ( Haddock , Cod , Pollock , Sole , Flounder ) resource off of the New England coast collapsed. A thriving industry was brought to its knees by overfishing, [...]

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